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Project Description


(Mainly SEBS, TPV, and Engineering Plastics)

  • Interior storage bins and mats
  • Anti-slip mats
  • Switch covers
  • Gear shifts
  • Seals for ventilation ducts, ventilation ducts
  • Seat belt covers
  • Airbag covers



(Mainly TPV, TPO and Engineering Plastics)

  • Casing Seals / Seals
  • Seals for turn signal and lamp housings, mirror edges
  • Spray protection
  • window seals and glass encapsulation (glass encapsulation)
  • Spoiler, spoiler edges, corner parts


Under the Hood

(Mainly Engineering Plastics, TPV and TPO)

  • Bellows and implementations
  • Seals for electrical devices / housings
  • Break cable
  • Battery cable