Harmony Elastomers

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Harmony Elastomers

Harmony Elastomers [HE] manufactures High-Performance Elastomers utilizing the most advanced compounding technologies in multiple locations around the world. HE has been developing this unique product portfolio over the last decade and has commercial customers in both the US and Europe. Utilizing Coperion Twin Screw Extruders with proprietary processing and auxiliary equipment, HE is capable of tailoring its standard products to meet customer specific needs.



NEXGEN V POWER is a dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic elastomer made by melt mixing polyolefinic thermoplastics and synthetic rubbers, while phenol curing the rubber component.



NexGen O impact is a thermoplastics elastomer (TPE-O) with physical alloys between polyolefin (PP) "hard segment“ and POE, EPR or EPDM “soft segment”, in addition to fillers and plasticizers.



NEXGEN U Durable is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPE-U) made by combining isocyanate MDI/Polycaprolactone “hard segment” with either a polyester or a polyether based polyol “soft segment” combined and compounded with other polymers and additives.



NexGen S Flex is a Thermoplastic elastomer based on Styrenic Block Copolymers (TPE-S), which are physical alloys between polyolefins (PS/PP/PE) “hard segment“ and styrene block polymers (SBS,SEPS, SEBS, SEEPS) “soft segment”, in addition to different fillers, plasticizers, and stabilizers.



NexGen T Eco is a Thermoplastic elastomer based compound which is based on styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) block copolymers that behave like rubber under room temperature but has the advantage of easy processing. SBS will be produced in addition to the different fillers, plasticizers, and stabilizers.


Cork Compound

NexGen C Nature is a thermoplastic elastomer based compound which is Synthetic corks, made from plastic compounds designed to look and "pop" like natural cork, but without the risk of TCA contamination. The cork compound will be produced with a renewable raw material in addition of different fillers, plasticizers, and stabilizers.



NexGen MB Magic is a polymer based Materbatch compound. The color masterbatches are used for coloring plastic products, while the other additive masterbatches provide certain properties of the end products, such as UV stabilization, flame retardancy, antistatic, or anti-blocking plus combination masterbatches. With a dosage of 0.5% to 4%, the most desirable properties can be achieved for most polymers.